Supporting our environment needn't cost you the Earth.

Our founders, Leah and John Hudson, are passionate about building a sustainable future both locally and globally.


“Most often, our monthly mortgage payments are where the bulk of our earnings go and we would personally prefer that our money was working towards something good rather than lining the pockets of big business and damaging the environment around us. We decided it was time to assist others to give in a small way that means a lot for our communities and environment.”


In Leah and John’s own back yard they are avid organic food farmers, actively composting and working to reduce waste at home and in their businesses. Within their community both volunteer for community organisations. John supports the disadvantaged through employment and skills training.


  • Do you care about your environment?
  • Are you passionate about your community?
  • Tired of supporting big business and big banks?
  • Would you like your money to work harder for your community?
  • Have you considered giving to charity but don’t know how?
  • Would you like to support lenders who share your values?


Let us know if you share our values and we can help guide your choice

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Does your bank support investment in fossil fuels?

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